Direct Democracy

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This tribe is for those who favor expanding public participation in the process of public policy decision making as well as expanding and enhancing the citizen-sponsored initiative process. This is _not_ about simple direct democracy, but about making democracy (in the context of a republic) more direct. As much as possible, members of this tribe should also strive to take a non-partisan approach to the issues surrounding direct democracy.

Potential topics:
* e-democracy
* citizen-sponsored ballot initiatives and referenda
* petitioning
* electronic rulemaking or e-rulemaking
* economic and environmental vigilance
* recalling elected representatives and executives
* demanding "good governance" (responsiveness, accountability, transparency)
* the "e-commons"
* deliberative democracy
* collaborative information development (using wikis and other web applications)
* civic activism and "hacktivism"
* direct action
* liquid democracy
* opposing supermajority voting thresholds and minoritarianism

Note: this isn't a forum for debating whether or not "direct democracy" is a good thing. RSS Feed what is XML?

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